CSC113_Lab4 - that have the specified name b GetOrg(in...

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KSU/CCIS CSC113/2010 Lab4: Relationship Between classes Faculty -Id:interger -Name:String -Salary:String Department +faculty(in id:int, in n:string) +getid():int +getName():string +getSalary():String +setid(in id:integer) +setName(in Name:string) +setSalary(in Salary:string) +Display() -Noofdept:integer -deptName:String +Department(in No:integer,in name:string) +isfull() +isEmpty() +copyDept(in dept:department) +Addfaculty(in fac:faculty) College -Name:String +College(in n:string) +isEmpty() +isfull() +getDept(in name:string):department +Search(in name:String) +deleteDept(in name:string):bool +Adddept(in o:organisation) 1 * * 1
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Faculty Methods : a. Faculty(in fac:faculty): copy constructor You can add other method but not the construtors Department a. Noofdept: b. Deptname: c. +CopyDept(in:dept: Department): to copy all information of dept college a. +Display(in name: string): Display name, number of Faculty for the Department
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Unformatted text preview: that have the specified name. b. +GetOrg(in name:String): Department returns the Department object that have the name specified. c. +search(in name:string): int returns the index of Department that its name specified. d. +remove(in name string):bool ? Deletes the Department of the specified name. e. Arrayoffaculty(in x:int):[] Department -> returns an array containing all the department that has number of faculty>x Main() You must make this menu: to add new Department • Input Department name and no • And 1) to add faculty to this Department (input all faculty information. • 2) to exit adding faculty 2) to display name, number of faculty for the Department • Input the Department name. • Use search method delete Department: • Input Department name. 1. to display the names of all Departments in the college which have number of faculty > 3....
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CSC113_Lab4 - that have the specified name b GetOrg(in...

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