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KSU / CCIS CSC113 Tutorial2 Array Of Objects Date: 16 20/10/2010 Create class Course including the following: courseId . (example: “CSC113”) courseName . numberOfStudents . And build the required setter and getter methods, and simple constructor. Create class CoursesGroup including the following: courses : an array of type Course which has Maximum to 20 Courses. coursesNbr : number of courses in array courses. Implement the Constructor and the following methods:
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Unformatted text preview:  Boolean addNewCourse (String id, String CourseName, int nbrOfStudents).  Course searchCourse (String id).  Boolean deleteCourse (String id).  int getCourseNumberOfStudents (String id).  Course getCourseHavingTheMaximumStudentNumber ().  void displayCoursesL () : Display courses having less than 10 students. Prepared By: Abdulaziz Almoharib....
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