CSC113_Tutorial4 - getEmailaddress String getName:string...

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KSU/CCIS CSC113/2010 Totorial4: Relationship Between classes Contact : Contact -emailaddress:String -faxnumber:String -Name:string Addressbook +Contact(in emailaddress:String, in faxnumber:string, name:string) +getEmailaddress():string +getfaxnumber():string +getname():string +setEmailaddress(in add:string) +setfaxnumber(in fax:string) +setName(in name:string) +Display() -Name:String +getcontact():contact +getcontacts():contact[] +getname():string +insertcontact(in contact):void +deletecontact(in contact):boolean +setname(string):void Account -Name:String -emailaddress:string
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Unformatted text preview: +getEmailaddress(): String +getName():string +setEmailAddress(string):void +setname(string):void 1 * * 1 You can add other method but not the constructors Addressbook +getcontacts():returns the contact details college d. +delete(in contact ):bool ? Deletes the contacts of the specified name. Main() You must make this menu: to add new Addressbook • Input addressbook name and no • And 1) to add contact to this addressbook (input all address information. • 2) to exit adding contact 2) to display emailaddress, fax and name for the addressbook...
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CSC113_Tutorial4 - getEmailaddress String getName:string...

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