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lab4_113 - SumCap Double remove(in name string bool...

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1 KSU / CCIS / CS DEPARTMENT CSC-113, SPRING 2010 LAB 4 RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN CLASSES CMP 1 1..* 1..* 1 GRP Employee - Name: String - Id: integer - Salary: Double +Employee(in Id: int, in Sal: Double, in n: String) + Employee(in Emp: Employee) + setters/getters + display ( ) Company - Name: String - Capital: Double + Company(in n:string, in Capital:Double, in size: int) +Display() +IsFull() +IsEmpty() +AddEmp(in Emp: Employee): bool CompanyGroup - name: String +CompanyGroup(in size:int, in n:String) +Display(in name: string) +GetComp(in name:String): Company +search(in name:string): int +SumCap(): Double
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Unformatted text preview: +SumCap(): Double +remove(in name string): bool +AddComp(in c:Company) 2 • CompanyGroup Class:-Display(in name: string): Displays name, capital, number of employees for the company that have the specified name. -GetComp(in name: String): Company returns the company object that have the name specified. -search(in name: string): int returns the index of company that its name specified. - SumCap(): Double computes the summation of all company capitals. - remove(in name string): bool Deletes the company of the specified name. Implement Employee, Company, CompanyGroup and a main class to test your program....
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