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KSU / CCIS / CS DEPARTMENT CSC-113, SPRING 2010 LAB 7 – INTERFACE AND ABSTRACT CLASSES An airport charges any airplane lands in it by the following rules: 1. Every adult is charged 2 S.R . for every kilogram they weigh. 2. Every child is charged 0.5 S.R for every kilogram they weigh. 3. Every piece of luggage is charged 1.5 S.R . for every kilogram it weighs. Every passenger has a name and a weight and every piece of luggage has an ID and weight. Given the UML diagram of this problem, write a program that process one airplane and display the information (name/ID, weight and charge) of the luggage or the passengers that cost a charge of more than 50 S.R. Also, print the number of all adults, all
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Unformatted text preview: children and all pieces of luggage in that airplane. While you are implementing your program, consider the following: -Protect any method that is not intended to be overridden, from being overridden by subclasses. -Protect any concrete class from being inherited. Hint: Represent an airplane as a collection (array) of Chargeable Objects. Part of the main… chargeables[0]= new Child("Ahmed Ali",45.5); chargeables[1]= new Adult("Khalid Nasser",86.4); chargeables[2]= new Child("Noha Ameen",62); chargeables[3]= new Luggage(324,35.5); chargeables[4]= new Adult("Salem Saeed",94.25);...
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