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7 spc tools 1. histogram 2. pareto diagram 3. scatter diagrams 4. check sheets 5. control charts 6. flow charts 7. cause effect diagram 1. the important and why 2. list of questions unclear 3. personal perception of potential application in lifes 4. experience 5. compare/contrast of reading material to others Use 7 QC tools to identify problem cause, analyze data, do evaluation and rectify problems. Production, operation, quality and support department executives and supervisors who are involved in quality and productivity improvement projects execution and implementation. deviations from target specifications excessive variability around target specifications Variation can exist for two reasons: Common causes are flaws inherent in the design of the process. Special causes are variations from standards caused by employees or by unusual circumstances or events. Most variations in processes are caused by flaws in the system or the process, not by the employees some variations are not "mistakes" introduced by employees, but, rather, they are innovations. Some variations are deliberately introduced to processes by employees specifically because these variations are found to be more practical. ce diagram important/uses 1. Define and display the major causes, sub-causes and root causes that influence a process or a characteristic. 2. Provide a focus for discussion and consensus. 3. Visualize the possible relationships between causes which may be creating problems or defects. 4. complex problems with multiple causes and allows you to identify potential causes for the problem and determine which ones are most likely to be resolved
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5. It allows various categories of causes to be explored. 6. It encourages creativity through a brainstorming process. 7. It provides a visual image of the problem and potential categories of causes. 8. understanding such connections, and assist in the calculation of statistical and probabilistic dependencies. By laying out such connections, diagrams can help us identify important crucial factors in the explanation, prediction and control of events. 9. product design and quality defect prevention, to identify potential factors causing an overall
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7 spc tools - 7 spc tools 1 histogram 2 pareto diagram 3...

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