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Discussion wk2 561 - The company I chose was Dell computers...

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The company I chose was Dell computers which is one of the world's top suppliers of PCs, the company offers a broad range of technology products for the consumer, education, enterprise, and government sectors. In addition to a full line of desktop and notebook PCs, Dell offers network servers, data storage systems, printers, Ethernet switches, and peripherals, such as displays and projectors (Dell, 2011). I have found that Dell is one company that is very transparent when it comes to presenting their financial statement. Liquidity: The degree to which an asset or security can be bought or sold in the market without affecting the asset's price. Liquidity is characterized by a high level of trading activity. Assets that can be easily bought or sold are known as liquid assets. (Millions) (Q2-FY11) Working Capital : Current Assets-Current Liabilities ($27,209-$20,913=$6,296) Current Ratio : Current Assets ($27, 209/$20,913=$1.30) Current Liabilities Solvency
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