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Introduction Methods A single Northern Mockingbird ( Mimus polyglottos ) was chosen for this study and was observed in its natural habitat. Because mockingbirds were difficult to find in the area, the first one that was spotted was chosen to be observed for the entirety of the experiment. The size of the bird’s territory was approximately 15 by 10 feet and observations were made 20 feet from the edge of the territory, with the aid of binoculars. The bird’s behavior was observed in response to song recordings of the Mockingbird and Carolina Wren, played at either the edge or center of the territory. The mockingbird’s behavior was observed for 10 minutes before, during, and after playback of the recording. The recording was played at an audible level that would not severely startle the mockingbird. For the first trial, the recording of the Carolina Wren’s song was randomly chosen to be played first and the tape recorder was placed in the center of the territory.
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Unformatted text preview: The bird’s behavior was observed for 10 minutes prior to any playback, and then observed again for 10 minutes while the recording was played. The recording was then turned off and the bird’s behavior was again observed for another 10 minutes. The recording of the mockingbird’s song was then played in the center of the territory and observations were again made for 10 minutes during and after playback. The entire process was then repeated using the same tape recordings, instead placed at the edge of the territory, which was approximately 10 meters from the center. The total duration of the experiment was 1 hour and 40 minutes Scan sampling was used to determine the span of behavioral states by recording the behavior observed every 10 seconds. Any other brief behavioral events were noted....
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