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Article 1 “Efforts to uncover the factors that are with violence against women should therefore be situated within this larger social context of power relations.” The gender inequality and women’s low ranking in society cannot be over looked and limit the explanations for violence only to personal; experiences, socio-economic conditions, and individual conducts. Takened from the report of the Secretary-General, “UNFPA estimated that 5,000 women are murdered by family members each year in ‘honour killings’ around the world.” Article 5 Unfortunately there is not a definite number or percentage to the women who died by honor killing because usually the murders go unreported, go unpunished, are labeled as accidents or are suicides. “Most honor killings occur in countries where the concept of women as a vessel of the family reputation predominates, said Marsha Freemen, director of International Women’s Rights Action Watch at the Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.” Article 6
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