A group of Washington men that includes James Taggart

A group of Washington men that includes James Taggart - A...

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Unformatted text preview: A group of Washington men that includes James Taggart, Orren Boyle, Wesley Mouch, Dr. Floyd Ferris, and Mr. Thompson (the Head of State) meet to discuss the ramifications of a proposed series of laws that would restrict economic change. Although worried about public backlash, the group decides to enact the laws, which are labeled Directive 10-289. The purpose of Directive 10-289 is to arrest the country's economic decline by freezing the economy in its current state. The directive makes it illegal for workers to leave their current jobs and prevents businessmen from closing their doors. It forbids the introduction of inventions or new products, and it requires companies to produce an amount of annual goods identical to the amount produced the previous year. All wages, prices, profits, and dividends are frozen, and every individual is obligated to spend as much as he did in the...
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