Although he possesses an extraordinary intellect

Although he possesses an extraordinary intellect - Although...

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Unformatted text preview: Although he possesses an extraordinary intellect, Robert Stadler holds a mistaken premise regarding the mind's proper role in human life. Stadler is a brilliant theoretical physicist, but he has contempt for the practical affairs of living. He believes that the mind is effective only when dealing with questions of pure science — issues of abstract speculation — such as the research on the nature of cosmic rays that established his reputation. All questions of practical application involve a human element, and Stadler thinks that men are fundamentally irrational. Stadler believes that most humans are driven by impulses and desires, not by the mind. His belief about the nature of humanity is the reason why Stadler was instrumental in founding the State Science Institute. He assumes that people won't voluntarily support science and the mind; therefore, the government must dictate such...
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