Around 1720 - Around 1720 Benjamin's brother began to print...

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Unformatted text preview: Around 1720, Benjamin's brother began to print a newspaper called the New England Courant. Young Benjamin secretly contributed articles that were praised by James's friends, and thought to be the work of some prominent citizen. When Benjamin announced himself the author, however, James decided that the praise would make his apprentice conceited. The two brothers did not get along. Benjamin particularly resented James's beatings. After James was imprisoned for a month because of a newspaper article offensive to the Assembly, however, Benjamin printed in the Courant several remarks that were critical of the government. So when James was released, he was ordered to stop printing his newspaper. James decided to circumvent this injunction by making Benjamin the official printer. But because Benjamin could not serve legally while he was his brother's apprentice, the two agreed that Benjamin's contract would be returned...
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