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Unformatted text preview: Benjamin Franklin The author, writing his Autobiography in his old age, reveals himself to be something of a "renaissance man," skilled in many fields: business, science, public affairs, and diplomacy. He believes in hard work, honesty, and the capacity of all men to improve themselves. He possesses a subtle sense of humor. Dr. Thomas Bond The physician who originated the idea of a public hospital in Philadelphia to serve the poor, whether residents or travelers. General Edward Braddock The Commander-in-chief of forces sent to defend the Colonies against French and Indian attacks in 1755. Braddock ignored warnings about the Indians' usual ambush tactics and was subsequently killed. His army was slaughtered. Andrew Bradford The best-established printer in Philadelphia when Franklin arrived there looking for work. In his first days Franklin boarded with Bradford, though he was employed by Keimer, a rival. for work....
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