Dagny belly - Dagny belly-lands her plane. Her injuries...

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Unformatted text preview: Dagny belly-lands her plane. Her injuries aren't severe, but she does lose consciousness. As she awakens, she looks up at the face of a man kneeling by her side — a face that shows no sign of pain or fear or guilt. The man is John Galt. He is the object of both of Dagny's quests, because he is both the motor's inventor and the destroyer who is draining the brains of the world. Dagny discovers that all the great minds who retired and vanished from society now live and work in this remote Colorado valley. Ellis Wyatt is here, as are the other Colorado industrialists. Ken Danagger has joined them. The great banker Midas Mulligan owns the valley, and the philosopher Hugh Akston and composer Richard Halley reside here also. Dagny learns, not surprisingly, that Francisco d'Anconia is another thinker who has come here to be free from the looters' oppressive...
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