During the last month of his life

During the last month of his life - During the last month...

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Unformatted text preview: During the last month of his life, Malcolm flew to Selma, Alabama, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was in jail, and where a massive civil rights protest was underway. He spoke to Mrs. King, who reported that he said he "was trying to help." He was, in effect, trying to take some of the pressure off the moderate Dr. King by exposing himself as a target for white hostility. He threatened, in his address to the civil rights protestors, that if Dr. King failed, "other forces" were waiting to take up the struggle. In early February, Malcolm was scheduled to address a Congress of African Students in Paris, but he was refused entry to France. Speaking later of this incident, he strongly implied that it was related to the threats on his life and that perhaps the Black Muslims were not the ones trying to kill him. He felt that the United States government had intervened to keep him out of France, where he had been...
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