201pracexam2 - Biology 201 Exam 2 Fall 2007 Name TA PLEASE...

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Biology 201 Exam 2 Name_________________________ Fall 2007 TA___________________________ PLEASE WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE IN THE ANSWER SHEET PROVIDED. Part 1. Select the appropriate word or words for each of the following definitions. (1 point each) 1. The condensation reaction joining two amino acids together forms a __ ___bond. 2. The condensation reaction joining two nucleotides together forms a ___ __linkage. 3. A length of DNA nucleotides that contains all the information necessary to produce one polypeptide is called a ____ _______________. 4. The inner membranes of mitochondria are folded into compartments or structures called__ _______ 5. If the solute concentration outside a cell is lower than that inside the cell, the cell is __ ___with respect to its environment. 6. Eukaryotes have a complex interconnected system of protein fibers called the _ ___. This structure gives the cell shape; it also aids cell movement and the transport of materials within cells. 7. Microtubules are large, hollow tubes made of α and β -__ ____ dimers. 8. The net movement of any substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration by random movement of its particles is known as _____ ______ 9. __ __is the process that moves materials into, or out of, a cell against a concentration gradient. 10. A free amino acid is electrically neutral but carries formal positive and negative charges on different atoms. This is an example of a ___ ____ 11. The theory that explains how certain organelles, particularly mitochondria and chloroplasts, evolved from prokaryotic cells is called the __ ________________ theory. 1
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Biology 201 Exam 1 Name_________________________ Part 2. Multiple choice. Circle the single best answer on your answer sheet. (1 point each). 1. Proteins are polymers that contain monomeric units called_______________________ a. fatty acids b. triglycerides c. monosaccharides d. nucleotides e. amino acids 2. The sequence of amino acids in a protein makes up its____________ structure. a. Primary
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201pracexam2 - Biology 201 Exam 2 Fall 2007 Name TA PLEASE...

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