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Even Francisco - Even Francisco's characteristic mockery,...

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Unformatted text preview: Even Francisco's characteristic mockery, his use of irony and biting derision, is always benevolent and positive. He always directs his mockery at the irrational, never at the good and never at strangers. He laughs openly at people like James Taggart, because he knows that man can and should be much better. While James Taggart uses derision as a weapon of destruction, Francisco uses it as a means of destroying the destroyers, thereby clearing the road for the creative. His trademark mockery always supports his values. A scene from his childhood proves this point. When a professor of literature saw Francisco on top of a pile in a junk yard, happily "dismantling the carcass of an automobile," he said, "'A young man of your position ought to spend his time in libraries, absorbing the culture of the world.'" Francisco replied, "'What do you think I'm doing?'" He libraries, absorbing the culture of the world....
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