Finding Governor Denny like his predecessors

Finding Governor Denny like his predecessors - Finding...

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Unformatted text preview: Finding Governor Denny like his predecessors, the Assembly appointed Franklin their representative to petition the King about tax grievances. Franklin was prepared to sail from New York when Lord Loudoun arrived at Philadelphia to arrange a compromise between the Governor and the Assembly. Having heard all arguments on both sides, however, Loudoun urged the Assembly to comply with the wishes of the Proprietors and raise their own defense money for the frontiers; he said no English troops were available for the area. So Franklin worked out the compromise for which Loudoun later received credit: that the Assembly would pass the kind of tax bill the Governor would sign, but would state concomitantly that the action was taken under duress and over their strongest objections. Then Franklin was free to leave for England. But Loudoun had the power to decide times of departure for Franklin was free to leave for England....
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