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Unformatted text preview: Franklin's first step as Assembly Agent was to visit Dr. Fothergill, who advised him to approach the Pennsylvania Proprietors before complaining about them to the government. A Virginia merchant introduced Franklin to Lord Granville, President of the King's Council, who informed him that the King's instructions to the governors became the colonists' laws. Alarmed at this line of thought, Franklin argued that the right to originate their own laws in their Assemblies was guaranteed to the colonists by the province charter; the King could veto proposed laws, but could neither repeal nor alter a law once his original approval had been given. Fothergill arranged a meeting between Franklin and the Proprietors which began amiably, with everyone present declaring his desire to be reasonable. But after Franklin had presented the Assembly's complaints, and the Proprietors had answered such charges, Franklin felt there was no...
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