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Franklin and Ralph took inexpensive lodgings together

Franklin and Ralph took inexpensive lodgings together -...

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Unformatted text preview: Franklin and Ralph took inexpensive lodgings together, and Ralph confided that he planned to desert his Philadelphia wife and child. Though Franklin quickly found work in a printing-house, Ralph was unable to get suitable employment. Together, the two spent most of Franklin's wages on plays and amusements, and both conveniently forgot the women back home. Franklin wrote Miss Read only once to say he would not return soon, a lapse he considered "another of the great Errata of my Life." Ralph soon established a liaison with a young milliner, and the two moved into other lodgings. Then, since her earnings could not support the two of them plus her child, Ralph decided to become a provincial schoolteacher — a profession he considered so far beneath him that he assumed Franklin's name for the job. Meanwhile, the milliner, who had lost her friends and business because Franklin's name for the job....
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