In New York - In New York, Benjamin applied for work to a...

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Unformatted text preview: In New York, Benjamin applied for work to a printer, William Bradford, who advised him to go to Philadelphia, where Bradford's son Andrew, also a printer, had recently lost his helper; so Benjamin started by boat to travel the 100 miles to Philadelphia. On the way, a squall tore up sails and drove Benjamin's boat off course. A drunk Dutchman fell overboard, and Franklin had to fish him out of the water. Unable to land on Long Island, the passengers had to sleep in the boat all night, drenching wet, without food to eat or water to drink. Finally safe in Amboy the next day, Franklin grew feverish, but drank plenty of water and sweated his fever away through the night, then proceeded toward Burlington, 50 miles away, by foot. By noon he was rain-soaked, exhausted, and uncomfortably aware that people suspected him of being a runaway. At Burlington, Franklin sighted a boat going to aware that people suspected him of being a runaway....
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