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In this chapte1 - In this chapter Rand shows the...

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Unformatted text preview: In this chapter, Rand shows the cause-and-effect relationships between events in a country's economy. Because the politicians previously choked off American copper producers, Rearden is unable to get copper when Ragnar Dannesjköld prevents Francisco's ships from reaching American ports. Because Rearden cannot procure copper — and because he is prohibited by the Equalization of Opportunity law from mining it himself — he cannot manufacture the Rearden Metal rails needed by Taggart Transcontinental. Because the railroad can't get the new track, it must keep using its decaying track, which causes endless train accidents. Because of poor freight service, shippers are unable to get their goods to market, and some go out of business. As a result of business shutdowns, there is no longer freight traffic on the John Galt Line and Dagny must close it, ripping up...
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