James Taggart wants to celebrate

James Taggart wants to celebrate - James Taggart wants to...

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Unformatted text preview: James Taggart wants to celebrate. In several weeks, Argentina will be declared a People's State. Taggart has helped bring to fruition a deal between American, Argentinean, and Chilean politicians, whereby all the holdings of d'Anconia Copper in those South American countries will be nationalized. The politicians have set up a new corporation to manage all the industrial properties of South America. Taggart will sell his shares of d'Anconia Copper and buy stock in the new company, which will earn him a fortune. However, Cherryl refuses to celebrate such a victory. In the year since her wedding to Jim, she has discovered the truth about him and is tortured by the question of why he married her. Cherryl, disgusted by her husband's desire to break Francisco's spine, leaves their apartment. Later, Lillian Rearden arrives. She pleads with Taggart to use his political pull to prevent her impending divorce Rearden arrives....
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