Lillian throws a party for the Reardens

Lillian throws a party for the Reardens - Lillian throws a...

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Unformatted text preview: Lillian throws a party for the Reardens' wedding anniversary. Hank Rearden doesn't feel like celebrating but, of course, duty dictates that he must attend. He would prefer to devote his time to the mills, because the superintendent of his rolling mills has resigned suddenly and without explanation. Rearden must find a suitable replacement quickly, because the mills are rolling the Taggart rail. Dagny attends the party and feels that she and Rearden have legitimate cause to celebrate the Rearden Metal track that's progressing across Colorado. She is puzzled and mildly disappointed when Rearden treats her with rigid formality. Francisco appears unexpectedly, and Rearden tells his wife that he doesn't wish to meet him. However, Francisco approaches him with such simple sincerity that Rearden speaks to him. Francisco says that Rearden's family wields a weapon against Rearden that he must learn to...
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