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Unformatted text preview: M. S. Handler: Introduction M. S. Handler was one of the few white reporters for whom Malcolm X had any respect. In his Introduction, Handler gives his impressions of Malcolm, both as a man and as a public figure. Handler notes that Malcolm's public image and his private personality were really quite different. As a public speaker, he was frightening, threatening to white audiences. In private, he was almost aristocratic — self-assured, intelligent, and confident. Yet there was always a sense of danger about him. His puritanical personal morality stood as an example for his people, and his utter self- confidence in dealing with the white man won him the admiration of black people. Handler notes, however, that Malcolm's followers were of two sorts: the poor, downtrodden blacks of the ghettoes and the black intellectuals and artists. Like the latter, he was, in his own way, intent on forging a and the black intellectuals and artists....
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