Qubilah Malcolm

Qubilah Malcolm - Hymie Jewish operator of a bootleg ring...

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Qubilah  Malcolm's second daughter, born Christmas Day, 1960; named after Qubilah Khan. Ilyasah  Malcolm's third daughter, born in July 1962; the name is an Arabic version of Elias. Amiliah  Malcolm's fourth daughter, born in 1964. Maynard Allen  State welfare agent who had charge of Malcolm during his stay in the detention  home. The Swerlins  Family in charge of the detention home, with whom Malcolm lived during his stay there  (1937-41). Lucille Lathrop  A white cook-helper for the Swerlins. Mr. Ostrowski  Malcolm's eighth-grade English teacher, who advised him not to overstep racial  barriers and attempt to become a lawyer. Freddie  Malcolm's predecessor as shoeshine boy at the Roseland Ballroom in Boston; Freddie  introduced Malcolm to the world of crime. Ed and Charlie Small  Proprietors of Small's Paradise in Harlem, where Malcolm worked as a waiter.
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Unformatted text preview: Hymie Jewish operator of a bootleg ring, for whom Malcolm worked. John Hughes Owner of a gambling house in Boston. Turner Black detective in Boston; enemy of Malcolm. Dr. Mahmoud Shawarbi Saudi Arabian official who approved Malcolm's visa for his pilgrimage and provided him with further contacts. Dr. Omar Azzam Egyptian Muslim who helped Malcolm in Jedda, on the way to Mecca. Dr. Abd-Ir-Rahman Azzam Father of Omar Azzam, an Egyptian United Nations representative. He and his son hosted Malcolm in Jedda and helped him obtain permission to enter Mecca. Prince Faisal Ruler of Saudi Arabia; made Malcolm a guest of the state. Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Ruler of Ghana; received Malcolm during his visit to Ghana....
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