Then - Then while boating the intoxicated Collins refused...

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Unformatted text preview: Then, while boating, the intoxicated Collins refused to row, and Franklin refused to row him. Collins threatened to throw Franklin overboard, but when he approached was himself tossed over. Keeping the boat just out of reach, Franklin kept asking whether Collins would row, and Collins kept refusing until he. grew thoroughly tired. He was finally taken back in the boat, but the incident strained their friendship so seriously that Collins went to Barbados as a tutor and never contacted Franklin again. Governor Keith offered to set Benjamin up in business and suggested that Franklin choose his own equipment in England. So Franklin prepared to leave on the annual ship to London, meanwhile living pleasantly. He was constantly in the company of Keimer, his employer, who loved to argue; but Benjamin so deftly used his Socratic method that Keimer would hardly answer the most common...
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