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Unformatted text preview: Unfortunately, Rearden's situation is even worse. The government and many businessmen tried to block Rearden from putting Rearden Metal on the market. They threatened him, smeared the reputation of his metal, and robbed him of his ore mines. No one but Dagny had the wisdom and courage to buy his new product. But now that Dagny and Rearden have demonstrated the metal's worth, every one of his enemies demands the metal, and the government forces Rearden to fulfill their demands. Even worse, Rearden's competitors, recognizing the huge demand for the metal, convince the government to limit Rearden's output. Therefore, Rearden must sell to every person or business that wants his product while simultaneously restricting his output. The laws pull Rearden in opposite directions. He is tortured for the enormity of his achievement while men like Boyle, Larkin, opposite directions....
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