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Wallace D - (which was financed by contributions from black...

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Wallace D. Fard  He does not appear in the book, but he was a major influence upon Malcolm  through Elijah Muhammad. The "Messenger of Allah," he first met Elijah Muhammad in Detroit in  1931; taught Elijah Muhammad the doctrines of the new religion and named him his successor. He  disappeared in 1934. Marcus Garvey  He does not appear in the book, but he too was a major influence upon Malcolm  through his father, Earl Little, who was a follower of Garvey. A Jamaican who claimed pure African  ancestry, Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association in 1917, one year after his  arrival in America. Part of his program was the formation of a black state in Africa and the  repatriation of New World blacks to Africa. He founded a shipping company, the Black Star Line, for  the return to Africa; later, he was convicted of fraud in connection with the operation of this business 
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Unformatted text preview: (which was financed by contributions from black people), and was imprisoned in 1925, the year of Malcolm's birth. In 1927, Garvey was deported and his movement gradually dissolved. Wilfred Little (Wilfred X) Malcolm's older brother. A Black Muslim, Wilfred remained in the organization even though Malcolm was ousted. Philbert Little (Philbert X) Another older brother; also remained with the Muslims and repudiated Malcolm. The Gohannas and Big Boy A family with whom Malcolm was sent to live by the Welfare Department in 1937. Earl Malcolm's half-brother, his father's eldest son. Mary Malcolm's half-sister. Hilda Malcolm's older sister; she took charge of the younger children after their father was killed. Yvonne Malcolm's younger sister. Wesley Malcolm's younger brother. Robert Malcolm's youngest brother....
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