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Aryanization – transformation of jewsih property to german ownership, forced- jewish property confiscated Four year plan – accelerate rearmament for preparation for war in 4 years Goring in charge, Schact worries that rearmament threatens to dislocate the economy, hitler pushes him to the side and Goring is placed in charege Reinhard Heydrich – Himmler and the SS is interested in getting full control of the police force in Germany form local cops to political police, centralize under him, real enemies to deal with at first, communist, labor unions – Himmler is always expanding himmlers right hand man, his braintrust of advisers are often young men out of german universities, educated elite who are to think about how problems can be solved more systematically, a thought out policy for the removal of the jews altogether. Assignemtn “how will we know when we have solved the jewish ?, what is the ultimate end” in his braintrust the ultimate goal is articulated- a Germany free of jews, being to think of ways to excellerate jews
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