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Bismarck - Bismarck Prussian aristocrat loyal...

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Bismarck – Prussian aristocrat, loyal, conservative,wanted to preserve artistocratic class and opposed rev. of 1848, opposed unification and liberalization, as chancellor of Prussia makes a political innovation – nationalism doesn’t have to be left wing that the right can use nationalism for its own benefits, tamed and manipulated to serve conservative cause, seeks to block liberalism and must concede german unification – unification by conquest of the Prussian army while preserving Prussian monarchy, king of Prussia becomes emperor of Germany simultaneously, Prussian army is the core of the german army – unified in 1870. He wins over the support of many liberals, because they are getting half which is better than nothing. Massive industrialization and german leaps into the ranks of the great powers of the US and England. Bismark gives false hope that liberalism would eventually follow this nationalism. Autocratic form of governemtn that goes throught the motions of parliamentary election that exhibits economic and industrialization
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