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choiceless choices

choiceless choices - choiceless choices Larry Langer o...

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“choiceless choices” – Larry Langer o Deliver us every month set number of jews who will never be from again o Not comply we’ll destroy ghetto totally o Neither is one anyone would want to make, councils now face choiceless choices, impossible choice, no one wants to make o Jewish councils believed that if they made themselves useful to the germans then of course they would be saved o Comply until they get word that it’s the final deportation when they would send those jews into the wood s and start resisting – but the Nazis of course never say when its coming o Hoped that liberation would come into to ensure some partial survival but the ghettos are liquidated o They never have enough info to make decisions on an adequate baisis, always guessing, germans are doing best to mislead them o They are struggling under an illusion – no matter what they do they cannot change the outcome o You have to be part of the conspiracy of silence – ppl have to be continually fooled, that deportations are to labor camps, jewish council have to be allies of
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