France - bolshevism because there is no room for the church...

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France French jewish relations in 1900’s – dreyfus affair, middle ages, reputation of army more important or is this injustice to one individual WWI – great damage but they are on victors side Reich tries to take over, popular front (blum – who was jewish is leader) Economic instability – growing anti-semitism, xenophobia, rather hitler than blum Vichy before Vichy – national revolution henri – first WW general, pierre takes over, pushing anti semtic laws before hitler forced them Political situation, anti-semitism, assisted hitler goals to get rid of jews Rescuer/bystanders International/national/individual Kershaw – indifference, Kulka – passive complicitiy, Bankier – fear and distancing Christian response – losing status, society is being secularized , terrified by the idea of
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Unformatted text preview: bolshevism because there is no room for the church in the bolshevist state so the church is moving towards conservative forces Concordant Vatican makes deal with Germany, catholics move toward jews Split in the Lutheran church want to rewrite the bible and take out everything that has to do with the Jews, confessing church started, didnt ? loyalty to fuhrer but said church should be a place without politics US/UK response UK doctrine balfour doctrine, jews can create a homeland in Palestine Zionst sovreign state in Palestine, arabs have a problem with this White papers limited number of jews allowed to go into Palestine Immigration quota in US, question of anit Semitism, great depression, too little too late...
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