Industrial revolution

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o Industrial revolution – economic transformation Previously, 90-95% of the ppl produced just enough to sustain themselves and just enough surplus for the elite to thrive IR unlocks productive potential so that a minority of the pop can grown enough food to support everyone else who is involved in a variety of specialized activities so that wealth in Europe explodes in the 19 th century Simultaneously creates a political system and economic system that marks modernization Impact: most ppl are better off and matierally wealthier, healthier, childhood becomes a separate period of life. For jews it is mostly beneficial, with liberalism comes the doctrine of equal rights, Jewish Emancipation – freed for legical restrictions and discrimination that has been set upon them for centuries, now capable of making a living in society, a whole new legal standing o Jews are more ready to move into the city and exploit new opportunities o Jews become very visible, and highly visible at the forefront of economic
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