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Nechama Tec

Nechama Tec - Nechama Tec wrote a book on rescue in Poland...

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Nechama Tec – wrote a book on rescue in Poland, she was a rescued child herself, is there a class explanintion, religious, political? Typical was we classify ppl none of them were predictors, none had explanatory power, through interviews and looking for common traits she arrived at conclusions about who in Poland became rescuers: individualistic – on the margin of society used to being loners to begin with, great self- reliance – didn’t live by what others thougth but how they thought about themselves, non-conformists and comfortable with it, had prior charitable acts for ppl less fortunate than they, prehistory of helping others, very unassuming “matter of fact” , instanteous, instinctive reaction to hide ppl not something they thought about, thought of themselves as saving ppl in danger, not as saving jews, viewed it humanitarian way 3 aspects crucial to understanding: totality of intent, kills jews anywhere/everyone in the world, no limits to the extents of the obligation to erase jews from earth, most modern
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