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Odessa - Odessa largest jewsih pop of any city in soviet...

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Odessa – largest jewsih pop of any city in soviet union, largest masacacre, 25,000 killed in oct. the rest are driven into transistria . Romanians are anxious, ready to continues wondering why germans are dragging tails – not ready yet to take the rest of the jews. In 42 – Romanians shift from eagerness to hesitancy, and finally refusal makes historians aks what took place how do you explain this turning point. 1) antenechu percevive sthat the compagin is not as victorious as before, concluded that Germany is not going to knock the soviet union out of the war any time soon, outcome s now uncertain he better spread his bets, begin rather than killing jews but save some jews as moral capital if german is not to win the war, Americans intervene, warning them not to deport,Romania itself internally anti-hitler begins Filderman – long hist of confronting gov, demanded minorities treaty, whole stance of old kingom is much more aggressive than other countries not a go along to get along man,
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