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Pluarlistic ignorance

Pluarlistic ignorance - Pluarlistic ignorance why didnt ppl...

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Pluarlistic ignorance – why didn’t ppl operate in the opposite direction, force others to conform to their views and killing stop, research in gang behavior you see acceptance of group culture and group demands (initiation – doing something terrible) ppl think different things of their opinion and the groups opinion so they conform to the dominant culture, creates a mechanism in which even if a majority had been uneasy but the group culture, even if mistaken notion, dominates even if doesn’t represent the initial feelings of the majority of ppl Mir – small town where jewish survivor story comes from, he fled from Mir to Lithuiania and he flees and is captured, said he lost his papers, claimed that he was mixed german/polish descent (had not accent) he was believed and lives with his captor and serves as his translator – sleeps with police captain, right hand man of commander. He provides an inside account of how the dynamics ofpolice goup work.
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