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Poland: jewish polish before the war – starts in middle ages, jews flock to Poland and they are welcomed because they bring money, technology, know how. Complementing each other Relations change because of 3 partitions, industrialization, relations go down hill, competition begins, poles move into cities trying to get jobs where the jews already are, emergence of nationalism and nation-state (only if you are a pole, can you belong in the new polish nation) 2 main figures: WWI (Dmowski) and Pilsudski 1939 – Germany attacks Poland and Russians? Invade the east How did that germans imagine a new Poland – wipe out polish nationalism. Intelligentsia, incorporated territory – lenbensraum This is why the poles and the jews have a diff historical memory of the holocaust:jewish memory who ssee poles as willing helpers, polish memory we suffered our land is taken away, our intelligentsia was murdered, they threw us to the
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Unformatted text preview: soviet union Hungary: Jews speak Hungarian, very integrated Hungaray loses 2/3 of its territory after the first WW – they want their territory back Bela Kun – led communist movement, he was a jew, sponsored myth of judeo bolshevism, ppl were really fearing this Germans assist in this goal for revisionism- getting territory back To appease reich – hungary passes numerous clauses – limits jewish numbers in university, never really enforced, did not include word jews, playing balancing act Competing with Romania to win the favor of the germans to get territory back Final soln implemented in hungary in 44, carry it out in three months, most of the killing is done in 42-43 Issues of jewish council, how they try to cooperate with Nazis or not, to what degree are they divided...
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