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Tivoli Program

Tivoli Program - Tivoli Program first platform of a major...

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Tivoli Program – first platform of a major german party that adopts an anti-semitic plan in which they package anti-semitism with the main stream conservatism, a fringed political grouped (anti-semitism) is given respectability as it is incorporated Lueger – in Austria this man creates a viable social alternative and brings in anti- semitism as his message – Hitler sites him as a major influence Volkov – articulated the term cultural code – that unlike 1920-30’s when the Nazis are in power and anti-semitism is the main goal, in the 1900s anti-semitism is one of many issues, not by any means the main one, just a buzz word. The german political spectrum who fear the growth of german liberalism and socialism and want to turn the clock back, who fear cultural developments, who want Germany to be a powerful military presence abroad, the anti-semitic is code for a powerful german military, return to cultural traditions, powerful foreign influence, simply signified a set of conservative attitudes –
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