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ZZW (Revisionist Zionists) Some argued that regardless of gender, age, class etc al jews were murdered. Some argued that women we double victims – hierarchy of suffering, women jews suffered more than men jews. Up until template of holocaust victim was that of male experience, that women traveled diff paths and had diff experience, even if the everyone ended up as murdered victims they experienced path to death in very different ways, genderd experience of the holocaust was essential. In 2 ways female was diff: german polices were gendered, they ddint do they same thing to male and females at the same time and there polices had diff impacts on male/female. Socialization of jews in Europe, men.women had diff roles and so experience german persecution in diff ways even if it was identitical in 1930’s – driving ppl out of professions and public life doctors, lawyers, journalists, teachers, mostly males than females, men socialized to be bread winners this loss was particularly devasting,
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