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Greek Tragedy - Greek Tragedy Antigone Heroic past vs...

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Greek Tragedy: Antigone Heroic past vs. democratic present Past v. present o Faith, tradition, absolutes Antigone appeals to the idea of traditional faith o Secular, skeptic, relativism (sophists) Creon is committed to the present Association of the God Dionysus o Art is tended to liberate ourselves from the real world Tragedy – “goat song” o A way to trying to maintain humbleness, avoiding arrogance o Finding a balance b/w human reason and intelligence and our emotional lives like Apollo and Dionysus represent both parts of our characteristics Potential to establish order through reason Potential for anarchy through emotion A constant state of tension arises Attempts to ward off potential problems in the future Anti-theatre: Plato (Republic 375 BC) o Theatre is dangerous, in ideal world arts in general would be discourage, theatre and drama outlawed bc this stirring of our passion was playing with fire Pro-theatre: Aristotle (Poetics 335 BC) o
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