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Lecture 1 - Lecture 1 - Drama Theatre Performance...

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Lecture 1 - Drama Theatre Performance Public/private experience o Permanent individual but we adopt different characteristics over time o Conflicts between public and private self is tapped by theatre Ritual/ceremony o Theatre marks passages of our lives Graduation, marriage, birthdays, deaths Impersonation/role-playing o Reenactment o Set apart aspects of our lives so we can contemplate them from a distance o Actors are role-playing for our benefit and contemplation Performance/art Life events and how they relate to theatre Prom night o Dramatic, culmination, marking point, threshold of moving beyond o Codes of behavior o Costume yourself o An event that taps into our craving for ceremony and rituals and our role-playing o Spontaneous performance of the group Religious service o Ceremonial o We behave differently, shifting nature of the personality or the persona or mask that helps us present ourselves Restaurant going Political convention Facebook profile
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Lecture 1 - Lecture 1 - Drama Theatre Performance...

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