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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - seemed to belong and seemed alien at the same...

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Lecture 3: It’s Greek to me Role of the Chorus Lack of local color – no small talk Convention – accepted as a standard practice o Greek conventions are different from modern conventions o Greek plays are supposed to have a social function Origins of Greek Tragedy o Emerges in the 5 th century BC in Athens the most powerful and prominent city- state in the Greek empire All plays that we have are from a 75 year span o 8 th Century Homeric myths/ epic poetry Story teller narrates, oral spoken traditions Dionysian festivals/ religious choruses Composed in honor of Dionysus (dithyrambs) Sky God Zeus – notorious for cheating on his wife Herra o Apollo Embodies human reason and law and language o Dionysus Associated with everything Apollo isn’t, energy of subconscious self, part that lives beyond reason, harvests and wine and grapes More from a mortal woman People resisted accepting him because they thought he was a divine wannabe – posed a threat, he
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Unformatted text preview: seemed to belong and seemed alien at the same time Blur the lines between male and female, god and mortal causing a state of ambiguity Born both from his mother and father – literally born from his fathers leg Institution of the polis (city-state) • Drama emerges as a celebration of the state Origins of Greek democracy First Olympic games • Marked love of contest City of Dionysia in Athens • Biggest public event of the year for Athenians o 6 th century Thespis • The first “actor” as drama is first starting to emerge • A member of a religious chorus (ditharambic chorus) • Violated tradition by separating himself from the group and established something about the individual performer rather than a group performance • Aeschylus-sophocles o 5 th century Drama emerges as art form in Athens Limited number of actor to play various parts Greek plays test traditional values o •...
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Lecture 3 - seemed to belong and seemed alien at the same...

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