Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Extended Aside speaking aloud but no one else...

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Lecture 9 Rough magic – comes from Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest o Violation of norms Lysistrata comes out of her traditional place (home) to seize control Hermia goes against father’s order of marriage o Apollonian and Dionysian exploration of 2 sides of humanity Rationality, other conscious mind Spirit, urges, uncontrollable, love Midsummer o Natural and supernatural world Characters have less freedom towards autonomous action o A play ABOUT theatre Dramaturgy of Shakespeare o Blank verse Unrhymed Written in iambic pentameter (composed of ten syllables) with natural variations of stressed and unstressed beats o Multiple plots Follows several characters conflicts o Parallels and contrasts Between different characters o Mirrors and foils Characters resemble each other, or great differences by placing them in similar situations o Soliloquy and aside Soliloquy – “speak alone” but speaking aloud
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Unformatted text preview: Extended Aside speaking aloud but no one else on stage hears it Very brief Only the audiences gets the information o Metatheatre (reflexivity) Art that is self reflective Theatre that draws attention to itself as theatre Pretense not genuine reality, draws attention to artificial nature Artificiality Artifice How? Explict theatrical terms o Stage, play, player, playhouse Conscious role-playing within plays o Characters pretend to be someone else and we know that that character is in disquise Use of plays-within-plays o A performance within a preformance, drawing attention to the theatres own theatrical nature Why? Doubleness o Its real its fake o Its genuine its artificial Mutable nature of reality, identity o Changeable nature of how we define reality and identify ourselves Parallels stage + life...
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Lecture 9 - Extended Aside speaking aloud but no one else...

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