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Act I – A Doll’s House o Krogstad: “Law’s don’t inquire into motives” o Nora: Then they must be very poor laws” o How is it not a melodrama? Divided characters – characters are in conflict with each other and with themselves Real conflicts are internal Moral/ethical ambiguity Goal: Freedom from bondage of illusions o A Doll House was based on a real story, a family friend of the Ibsens who was in a similar situation as Nora was at the beginning of the play. o Symbol of the Christmas tree: deception that Nora is capable of o Symbol of the gifts: boy gets sword, girl gets doll, reinforces gender stereotypes o Rehearsal of the dance that Nora will do at the ball – Nora isn’t conforming the way her husband wants her too – she’s dancing the tarantella – the death dance, of someone who had been bitten by a tarantula o Dr. Rank is a symbol of the inescapable fate Values Ibsen challenged o Marriage and family– Nora is supposed to recognize herself as a wife and a
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