Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - Moving away from metatheatre Mirror of real...

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Lecture 11 – Nothing Mellow About It Genre: kind, or type o Melodrama – “music drama” from French melo-drame Popular (appeal to wide audience), escapist, sentimental Clear-cut morality, clear right and wrong, good and evil, evil will be punished Vivid and sharp Whole characters – characters that do not suffer a lot of internal division External conflict – within the plot Focus on plot is really significant, story is what keeps us engaged Emotional appeal Restores status quo o Examples of Melodrama – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Robin Hood (2006), Horror of Dracula (1958), Wall E (2008) Genre: Realism 19 th century o Examples: Raging Bull o How realism differs from Melodrama Realism is more recognizable, moving towards life-likeness Illusionistic Minimizing Theatricality Characters are complicated Plot and its changes keep encouraging us to look beneath the surface Finding depth
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Unformatted text preview: Moving away from metatheatre Mirror of real life o Modern drama: The Theatre of Revolt Society • Middle class audience o Wants to see a story about people like themselves o Shift away from myth and royalty • Capitalism & materialism Philosophy • Darwin, Marx, Freud o Scientific thought and method o Darwins theory affects the arts in terms of how the past affects the present o Marx writes about the relationship between the individual and society, lack of strong connection b/w ourselves as individuals and the world around us o Freud, our conscious and unconscious selves, reinforces that we are not masters of our physical selves • Art + Science o Art tries to apply the scientific method to a work of art, the audience observes, forms questions, weighs results, comes to a conclusion o An attempt to use everyday language, moving away from verse to prose...
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Lecture 11 - Moving away from metatheatre Mirror of real...

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