Lecture 15

Lecture 15 - o The essence of farce is worry Sir Peter Hall...

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Lecture 15 Farce – “to force” of “to stuff” originally performed during intermissions then later evolved into a genre o Most primal form of comedy, broad, exaggerated comic style based on jokes, gags, and horseplay o Carries the idea of Murphy’s law o Example – Charles Chaplin: Modern Times (1936), The Court Jester (1956), I Love Lucy “Vitameatavegamin” (1952), SNL – “Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker” (1993)
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Unformatted text preview: o The essence of farce is worry Sir Peter Hall o Disrupts the idea of logic and order Features of Farce o Broad exaggerated style o Most extreme comic form o Anarchic, aggressive, subversive Does not find structure in balance, life is chaos and disorder o Indulges fantasies and drives o Relieves anxieties and social pressures o Undermines conventional values o No necessary harmony or renewal...
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