Lecture 17

Lecture 17 - o Catharsis Brechts ideas of theatre o...

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Lecture 17 – Epic theatre: Theatre for a scientific age Review: Approaches o Drama and Theatre Aristotle’s elements o Plot o Character o Language o Theme o Acting o Stagecraft Genres o Tragedy/Comedy o Melodrama/Farce Periods o Classical Greek Theatre Medieval theatre o English Renaissance Theatre o Spanish Gold Age o Nineteenth-Century Theatre Started with realism o 20 th Century Theatre to WWII ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Second unit: Genres o Melodrama o Farce Second unit: Styles o Realism Naturalism WMP o Expressionism o Comedy of Manner o Epic dram of Dialectical theatre ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aristotle’s ideas of theatre o Imitation/mimesis o Identification/empathy
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Unformatted text preview: o Catharsis Brechts ideas of theatre o Narrative/reporting We are always aware that theatre is not a mirror, it is a deliberatively constructed art to teach us lessons that can be applied to our lives and make society better than it was o Analysis/judgment Encourage us not to feel for the characters emotionally but to judge and analyze their behavior and actions, think about why they make the choices that they do o Withhold catharsis Discourages us from releasing emotional tension, constantly defeats emotional reaction by final curtain in hopes that we carry our dissatisfaction back out into the world outside of the theatre and use it productively to change the way things are for the better...
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Lecture 17 - o Catharsis Brechts ideas of theatre o...

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