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Lecture 18 - contributing to our experience Wanted us to...

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Lecture 18 “The smallest human unit is not one but two” –Brecht Brecht’s dramaturgy o Discontinunity/ episodes – fragments the story telling, not acts just scenes o Dialectics in character – contradictions, chaplin with no church, cook with no food, mother courage faced to make a choice between her family and her business o Stylized language – characters don’t speak in conversational language, weird strange slang and poetic passages, serves to make it less reflective of everyday life, helps to alienate, distance o Scene titles – projected behind stage, that tells where its set, when its set, and what’s going to happen, element for vefermdung o Songs – introduction of music and songs to pull us out of the play and out of the action, a rupture of the flow of the play, songs mark the strongest commentary in the play Production – The play that we saw, Well was similar o Mutually alienating elements Elements work against each other so that we are aware of the elements
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Unformatted text preview: contributing to our experience Wanted us to see the lighting instruments, not hide them away, wanted us to see a band that accompanied songs so that we see everything all the time and that we are never lost in the illusion of the play and constantly aware of the illusion created on stage o General lighting – move away from replicating time and place and mood, rather lights are up full and focused the whole time are that are aware o Half-curtain – curtain was only up four and half feet from the stage – we could see characters changing costumes or off stage to remind us of the illusion o Placards/projection – literally told us what was going to happen in the next scene o Onstage Band • Mother courage does not ever gain any greater insight, no genuine recognition of her sufferings, doesn’t take responsibility for herself and her actions, feels like she doesn’t have a choice that she does what she has to do to pull thought...
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