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Vocabulary - • Franklin& Columbia Streets o 2 cars...

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Vocabulary o Style: Epic theatre o Philosophy: Marxism (Karl Marx) Nothing about our existence that exists beyond our reality – no divine force or God Optimistic about human condition – that we can change everything for the better o Method: Dialectics Shows both sides of the characters so that we can see the fault lines History just like individuals aren’t just a product of fate that we are expressions of the values of our times o Key: Verfremdung “alienation” “distancing” “estrangement” “to make strange” Helps us stand back and analyze what we are watching, not to be passive observers, to use art to help us understand our world more completely Attempts to make what seems natural unnatural, familiar things feel alien Brecht tries to balance theatres entertainment and theatres insight that it can offer us – attempts to make theatre more practical and pleasurable at the same time
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Unformatted text preview: • Franklin & Columbia Streets o 2 cars have an accident and police ask you to report what happen, you aren’t going to try and recreate all minute details but you are going to be very selective of what you think was the cause – it was human error, fate didn’t make it happen • Kenan Stadium & Dean Dome o Audience at sporting events similar to theatre audience • “Smokers Theatre” vs. Lenior Dining Hall o Audience sits in nice comfy chair and lights a cigar – western theatre would collapse, you as a smoker would be engaged in an individual activity that would put you in a more critical attitude (productive thoughtful mode) o Dinner theatres – you would watch during dessert and coffee, you consume the food and the play and then you move on with your day but what has been accomplished in terms of effecting change...
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